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Croosh – Knock Lyrics

Too much knowledge get you smoked, keep those lips zipped
Eyes opened, never know who is listening
Calls tapped, blue bubbles getting tapped too
Watch my back, grab the strap if I have to
The smell of paranoia is a horrible odor
Kneck hurts cause I’m always looking over my shoulder
I can’t trust a fucking soul even the mirror look shady
Is it this weed?, is it me?, am I just going crazy?
4AM in LA and it’s raining down heavy
Hear a knock at the door so I get my weapon ready
Looking through the hole but I see no one around
Next thing I know, BUH!
And I’m on the ground
Threw a bag over my head and threw my ass in the trunk
Thinking fuck, this is it, I guess my time is up
Then I remembered my blade that I keep in my shoe
Reach for it then I cut myself loose
Hear brakes, car stops, trunk pops, jump out, gunshots
Oh fuck!
I’m hit, I’m shot, wake up, cold sweat
I’m still in my bed, fuck
It wasn’t real, it was all in my head
I’m so relieved it was only a dream
Premonitions of my end coming to me in my sleep
But I’m still alive, close my eyes but I’m still in shock
Getting sleepy, dozing off then I heard a knock