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L Devine – Peer Pressure Lyrics

Now that I’m at 20 years
Hell is where I’m living
I don’t know how to cope with all the existential thinking
I never used to give a s--- but now it’s all I’m giving
Now it’s all I’m giving

The party’s in an hour but I’m crying in a towel
Because this f------ picture doesn’t even look like me now
Took a couple uppers
That’s what they do when they feel down

Peer pressure
Nothin’ gonna save me
Run run run run run run run
Peer pressure
Got me going crazy
Run run run run run run run
Peer pressure
How you gonna take me
Run run run run run run run
I’m trying but it’s hard to explain
Peer pressure let me swallow the pain

I got so many friends and they all make me feel alone
They always say they love me but I know they really don’t
I just s--- it up and I do whatever they want
Tell me what I want

I lost all my money so that I could look like you
Where’s my personality
I guess I lost that too
It doesn’t really matter
That’s what we’re supposed to do

When I’m under the influence

I’m so numb
I’m under the influence

So much fun when
I’m under the influence