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Behemoth – Wolves ov Siberia Lyrics

Wolves ov Siberia Lyrics
Album: I Loved You At Your Darkest 
Released : 2018

Enthrone thyself, O Archuman
O how thou shineth in the realm above
As planets rumble when thou descended upon this globe
To walk this Earth like a shimmering god

Let it be forever heard
We lost our Eden to own the world
Let it be forever know
We lost our battle to win the war

Come all ye, Wolves ov Siberia
We hail the flame, we hail the ice
Beyond bosom, beyond materia
We reject! We f------ deny!

Let it be forever heard
From Slave to king, from king to man
Let it be eternally know
We fled from heavens to rape the world

I Loved You At Your Darkest (Album 2018)

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