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MNEK – Gibberish (Interlude) Lyrics

Gibberish (Interlude) by MNEK
Album: Language
Released : 2018

Of course you can, what do you mean?
Do you know what my favourite part of that song is?
The “Tippy two, tippy tea, tippy ta-ta-tongue”
What does that even mean?
It’s just some gibberish or something
I was just like, let me say something that like sounds like a [?] what’s up
Wait, your phone’s ringing
Your phone’s ringing

MNEK – Language  (Album 2018)

1.  Background
2.  Correct
3.  Tongue
4.  Gibberish (Interlude)
5.  Phone
6.  Colour
7.  Body
8.  Honeymoon Phaze
9.  Language
10.  Hearsay (Interlude)
11.  Girlfriend
12.  Paradise
13.  Crazy World
14.  Be (Interlude)
15.  Free
16.  Touched By You