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Floatinurboat – Limbo Lyrics

Limbo by Floatinurboat
Released : 2018

I am here in the middle of nowhere,
There is snow there, it is cold there
But I am safe and I am warm
Although it’s hard, I know I gotta keep up,
No time to lay or to drift away
I fill my space, I spend my time
Down the rapid hole again,
And as I fall I can feel the pain.
You can tell me where to go,
So I don’t know,
I just go with the flow,
I go with the flow.

I’m falling up, I’m falling down,
From the sky, And from the ground.
I’ve been burnt just like below,
And I don’t know where I should go.

I’m stuck in Limbo…
I’m stuck in Limbo…