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Colter Wall – Wild Dogs Lyrics

Wild Dogs by Colter Wall
Released : 2018

Once I was a wild dog
On the trail to a kill to feed my existence
That’s where I first picked up the scent to her
Wanted her for my own after the kill
The stag was ours, together we brought it down
And it was the first blood that we tasted together

We were wild dogs
Wild dogs
Wild dogs

We’d roll amongst the sweet grass lickin’ on each other
As the night replaced the day we’d bay and howl at the moon
We’d lay down and we’d listen to the silence of the stars
Shootin’ ‘cross the universe for us to see, her and me

We were wild dogs
Wild dogs
Wild dogs

We’d go runnin’ through the forest with the grace of an eagle
With the freedom of the wind and the strength of our youth
Just like our old friend the Indian, we’d only kill to feed ourselves
Or to protect those we loved from danger

We were wild dogs
Wild dogs
We were wild dogs

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