Only Ye by Tyga
Feat. Kanye West
Released : 2018

I’ma make you love me, yeah, I’m your only hope
Listen to your momma have a baby, he got dough
Don’t go creepin’ if ya gotta iPhone
She tracked ya location and ya ass wasn’t home
Yeah, I told the bitch like I told Nike:
Yeezy’s on yo ass
Told that nigga get from and from my car
My yeezy’s on the gas
And last thing I need is involuntary manslaughter
‘Cause I ain’t finna let no lame nigga raise my daughter
Stop asking me that dumb shit; do you have a Samsung charger?
You see me spending that Gualla, we stay spending that Gualla ’till you love me
Thirsty bitch keep sippin’ that water, ’till you love me
Do you love me?
I got caught up with the strippers, I got caught up in the fame
Caught up on MediaTakeOut, don’t know how much more I could take
I got caught up in the pictures, they blurry enough I could fake
I can tell my girl wasn’t me, I was in the meeting with Jay

But today, I don’t have any plans
Rap god in a mini van
Usher say I got it bad, yo, really bad
Does anybody have any xans?

‘Cause you don’t know these rich nigga problems
You niggas got bitch nigga problems
Too many hoes on my dick; yeah I got big dick nigga problems
If she hack my phone that’s dick pic nigga problems
That’s when she ask who the fuck is Tonya, nigga you must be fucking Tonya
Sometimes I do shit to prove I don’t need nothin’ from ’em
Sometimes I make ’em hate me just to prove I can make ’em love me again
I could make you love me again
I’ll make y’all love me
I feel like a new artist up in this bitch
Like I’m really starving up in this bitch
If you don’t wanna hear my mouth don’t get me started up in this bitch
Every time I throw up my diamond, see it’s flawless up in this bitch
Screaming south-southside, goin’ retarded up in this bitch
CT4 up in this bitch
Yeah, see Yeezus’ back on his shit
They say damn Ye, please come back, we need more of the platinum hits
Bitch my new [?] cute, [?]
My niggas don’t remember them
I’m the dark chocolate Eminem
I’ma make you love me

You see love and hate’s a similar emotion
Opposite of love is the difference
That’s when motherfuckers don’t care about you no more
I’d rather be hated and loved than be not cared about
Rrrrra, rrrrrrra, get these motherfuckers out
See I immediately took the media-
See I immediately took the media
And made it what it mean
To me
I control this shit
I control the puppet strings
I am charge of the narrative
So don’t ever compare this shit
As I air this shit out
A modern day Ali
For anybody that wanna try me, see
All I ever wanted to do was take the whole time on TV and give an eleven-minute speech, they wish I would perform for these niggas
Dance nigga dance [x3]
I been dancing too long and ya’ll motherfuckers money been getting too strong
If I hear another motherfucker I put on made a million dollars a day (uh, yeah, yeah)
If I hear another motherfucker I put on made a million muhfuckin’ dollars a day (uh, yeah, yeah)
If I say I say…
I’ma make you love me
I’ma make you love me
You never stopped loving me did you?
You never stopped loving me baby