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Julia Holter – Another Dream Lyrics

Another Dream Lyrics by Julia Holter
Released : 2018

Death Valley sage
In the flu of the summer
I can feel this way at night
There’s a green in the blue

Why claim control like gods?
In the sweet melody I can see your face

And the wool has taken over
Around the flower tall on the side of
The hill
In the salt

You relive no water pouring
Like anywhere we used to go

On these days so solitary
Always with a bowl of fever

You could maybe take a moment
In the second person the big woe

When we see our faces again ago
Phasing out the photo like we’re so surprised

Here is the great symphony of tenses
All I’ve got is what I’d slowly got
When they pressed a nerve
At sunset telling love

Why does summer just unroll
Patiently on the see-saw?
Memory myths are all

So good
And fortified
In the sweet melody I can see your face

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