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Moneybagg Yo – RESET Lyrics

RESET Lyrics by Moneybagg Yo
Feat. Future
Released : 2018

Wheezy Out of here!
Southside on the track, yeahhhh
Yeah, yeah this that s--- Wheezy, you put me back in my element

Looking around at all the fuckery, and reset a n----
Hit the button on that lil .40 f--- it eject a n----
Old hoes, at my shows tryna reach at a n----
Old rappers who didn’t make it tryna preach at a n----
I don’t want her here, diamonds all white like [?]
Your s--- looking [?], like the off white drip interior
Brand new phone [?]
Remember hopping out the [?]
Since I came up, people looking at me weird
I’m just growing and expanding, we ain’t conversing or somethin’
Never mixing up the business, with a personal thing
Celebrating all my wins, check the stats in the game
Foot on the n---- until they crock, know they hate when I came
Aye, the streets took me in, and showed me parent love
I got high and caught a buzz, now its current love
Cooperate thugging, sipping lean out of a coffee mug
Made me snap and play the victim, shouldn’t of brought it up
Lemme take you back, rewind (Press play)
Me and cuz [?]
Now my shows packed in like a [?]
Rainbow colors in the trunk, trayway (Red, blue, green, yellow)
[?] bumping me on the J-pay
When I open my eyes, its pay day
I caught a Draco [?]
9th grade, we the freshman
I get the dope from [?]
And peel off like dead skin
You must be tryin to get shot again
I’m just saying, where you going with it
Another n---- hating, not again
Ambition, I was born with it
Why did I buy this chain?
Can’t even read what it say
Got the invisible set now (Upgrade)
I had to reset my face
Soon as I f--- up [?]
I’m a get this s--- done, over
Hold up, reset, before we do that
[?] no disclosure

I just reset
I just f------ reset
When I say that s---, I mean go back rewind, go back all the way back

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