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UPSAHL – The Other Team Lyrics

The Other Team Lyrics by UPSAHL

I met a boy who’s sweet like cherry pie
He’s a new type of a picture perfect guy
Waved him down on the corner of fifth avenue
He waved back, but turns out I was not the one that he was waving to

I know he’s right for me
But I’m not right for him
And if I try to play along, don’t think I’ll ever win

Swinging, swinging, swinging for the other team
It’s such a shame
I’m not even in the game

I met a boy who seems too good to be true
Dirty blonde locks, and his eyes are a sparkly blue
Gave him a smile, and he turned to walk my way
But then he walked right past me towards another man
He didn’t notice me

I guess I have a thing for guys that aren’t in my own league
The ones I know
They don’t know shit
They always quit
They can’t commit
They just know how to leave