Smino – Summersalt Lyrics

Summersalt Lyrics by Smino

I’m gonna run through this. Give me some time to really collect these bars, I’m gonna take care of Verse 1 if anyone wants to chip in!

[Verse 1: Smino]
What do they care?
I need enough for my kids, kids, kids
Lil mama bag of diamonds, straight from a drip, drip, drip
Watch how I climb up, I’m on top of my shit like this
She say Papi “Is you mad?” I said it depends, shit, well
Lil’ freaky bit from BK, my Li’l Kim, Kim, Kim
She want me to do a threeway lemme click in, then, then
Mortal Kombat woah, I beat it she want revenge, venge, venge
She a scorpio, next thing I know I heard finish him
I kick the hindges, off of the door
They let my friends in, I feel like Joey
Fuck up her lipstick, fucking destroy it
Keep it realistic, I don’t fuck with no fiction
I don’t work for no nigga, I got employees
This is big reveal, they just the boys
Smino Carlito pushing, huh?
High as bald eagle pussy, huh?
Sminopolizin’ my hobby, Sminoptimizing my options
October second, the doctor pulled me up out of my mama
I cook up, I..[?]

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