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Dax – Rap God Freestyle Lyrics

Rap God Freestyle Lyrics by Dax


I’m sick of the bullshit, I should be on top but I’m riding the bench,
N----- are blowing for less I been killing these beats and they don’t wanna show me respect,
Hopped off the porch from the north ya I came here to kill so I’m aiming these bars at their neck
God to these n----- I took them to church cause these p---- a-- n----- gon have to repent
Ask any rapper bout Dax and I promise that n---- gon say they don’t know me
I meet em in person they say they the homie, then I got the word that the n---- a phony, half of these rappers was made wit abode, copy and paste they just rap bout a roley, cutting up rappers like barbers cuz I got the edge now I’m up so I fade em like kobe

All black Be the fit because I’m finna murder n----- here today, I was janitor back in December then I took my s--- and I moved to LA, used to be broke, I was cleaning the floors it was overnight shifts everyday, now when I rap on an instrumental you can guarantee my a-- getting paid

Eminem come find me
Dr Dre come sign me
Props to my n---- Travis Scott cause he put a baby up in Kylie, I ain’t taking disses lightly, if you gon talk you gon have to fight me, no I eint Kanye u won’t getaway if you try to mention on my wifey

What you thought this was joke? Peep the drip n---- need a coat, thought I would lay down, couldn’t stay down man dax never lost hope, now when I move they treat me like the pope, rapping a year but treat me like the goat, wave making people drown now I got n----- hopping on the boat, hopping on the boat and trying to hit a lick, only f--- wit me now a n---- rich, ain’t about that golddigging f------ s---, man I need a jada pinket f------ Smith, n---- I’m Jordan so I need a pip, n---- I’m harden so I need a Chris, n---- I’m balling gimme the assist, n---- I’m shooting if you want a chip

Real freestyle s--- you thought wrong, I’m just blessed, this here chess, 2 moves up, I’m what’s on and what’s next, fake rap I can’t connect, no WiFi that’s collect, 25 for a call that’s why they make no sense

I was in the back row chilling
Now I’m in front row chilling
Man I used to walk to the studio and now I got a car so I’m riding in a rav 4 Wheeling
Any other rapper vs me gon kill em
I be on my King Kong s--- gorillam
21 plus if a b---- trying to f--- I eint Trynna go to jail so I eint gon deal em

So I went to rolling loud, made a couple K and a f----- a bad b---- from my fan base, then I doubled back made her a-- clap and f--- another girl off a fan page, on a rampage, Dax ya this a campaign, I ain’t going back to being broke and I f------ with you if you if you damn lame.