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Rita Ora – Keep Talking Lyrics

Keep Talking Lyrics Rita Ora

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Phoenix (Album 2018)

01.  Anywhere
02.  Let You Love Me
03.  New Look
04.  Lonely Together
05.  Your Song
06.  Only Want You
07.  First Time High
08.  For You
09.  Summer Love
10.  Girls
11.  Keep Talking
12.  Hell of A Life
13.  Velvet Rope
14.  Falling To Pieces
15.  Cashmere
16.  Soul Survivor

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Rita Ora – Let You Love Me Lyrics Let You Love Me by Rita Ora Released : 2018 I should’ve stayed with you last night Instead of going out to find trouble That’s just trouble (yeah) I think I run away sometimes Whenever I get too vulnerable That’s not your fault (yeah) See I wanna stay the whole night I wanna lay with you till the sun’s up I wanna let you inside Oh, …

Rita Ora, Charli XCX, MØ, Starrah – Girls Lyrics Girls By Rita Ora, Charli XCX, MØ, Starrah Released : 2018 Her name is Lara, we learned a lot, ah How to do it, like we do it like we wanna We just know We just know I ain’t one-sided, I’m open-minded I’m fifty-fifty and I’m never gonna hide it You should know, eh You should know, ay All summer, we’ve been in the ‘bu ’68 …

Rita Ora – Anywhere Lyrics Anywhere by Rita Ora Released : 2017 Time flies by when the night is young Daylight shines on an unexposed location, location Bloodshot eyes lookin’ for the sun Paradise, we live it, and we call it a vacation, vacation You’re painting me a dream that I Wouldn’t belong in, wouldn’t belong in Over the hills and far away A million miles from L.A. Just …

Rita Ora – Lonely Together Lyrics Lonely Together by Rita Ora Released : 2017 Treating you well, but I’m caught in the middle I caught the edge of the knife and it hurts just a little Yeah, and I know, and I know, and I know, and I know that I can’t be your friend It’s my head or my heart and I’m caught in …

Rita Ora – Your Song Lyrics Your Song by Rita Ora Released : 2017 I woke up with a fear this morning But I can taste you on the tip of my tongue Alone without no warning You’re by my side and we’ve got smoke in our lungs Last night we were way up, kissing in the back of the cab And then you say “love baby …