Dolly Parton – Who Lyrics

Who Lyrics Dolly Parton

Looking in the mirror not like in what i see
Wishing I was sure bout insecurities
Tell me i will never be the fearest of my own
Always feeling like I’m not quite good enough

Who, who
Who is gonna love and hold me secret
Who, who
Who is gonna wanna hold me close
Who, who
Who is gonna wannna see me naked
Cherish me and give to me
What i need the most
I swear when he looks at me
He’s liking what it sems
He says he wants to kiss me
It’s too much to believe
I shy away cause I’m afraid
I’ll just not messed up
[?] afraid of love

Who, who
Well who to thought I’ll be thoughts special
Who knew I would find my place lefts
Who, who
Who’s not standing at [?] Dancing [?]
Who, who
Well I’m sorry i can [?]
Who, who
Now that i have … my wings
Who knew I’ll be feeling proud and [?]
Who, who
Who ever knows what’s gonna happen
Who, who
Has made my dream’s come through
Who, who
Well it someone out there clapping
It’s that everyone i always knew, who knew

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