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Tobu – Return To The Wild Lyrics

You turn toward me
and look so weak
i’ve never seen you 
with such tired eyes

And everything
We said we’d be
We just traded
for a suitcoat and a tie

Maybe it’s time
We got out

Run underneath
The rows of trees
I will see you where
the ocean meets the sky

Under your toes 
Fire grows
You are ready for
a different kind of life

Just sign and fold it
The wind is calling
You must 
return to the wild (×2)

Follow me down 
There’s no one around
Lay back and take your
socks & shoes right off

That natural light 
Is so damn polite
Can make you feel 
just like you were young


Standing underneath
The rows of trees 
I can see you 
Where the ocean meets the sky

Under our cloths
Fire grows
We are ready for this life
Of running wild

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