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Money Man – December 4th Lyrics

December 4th Lyrics Money Man

Bad bitch from the east side got face tats
Caught a flight to the West and a nigga drove weight back
Pop a seal on some Hi-Tech, throw a 8 back
Got more gas than the service pump at Racetrack
Lost a load on the road nigga had to shake back
Got more sticks than the Quickshot over in BuckHead
Had to transport a thousand P’s of exotic on a truck bed
Growing up in the jects we was sleeping on bunk beds
Lil mama give a nigga migraine , she give great head
White collar dollars taxing clients on Green Dot
Drain the card out then invest the money on a trap spot
Bad bitch from the south side I’m giving back shots
Last year I made 120 from a laptop
Getting to the money damn a nigga can’t stop
I ain’t Tarantino but i got big guap
Hell naw I ain’t Juney but I got big knots
Call Chris told em hurry up and flood my watch
Nigga tried to kick the door fucked around and caught a face shot
Took a 50 that i made from TuneCore and started a Grow Op
I be walking inside the trap spot make sure the door locked
Had to go buy Monclear cause it’s cold out
I ain’t signed a deal yet dog imma hold out
I just did a show in Knoxville it was sold out
I ain’t trusting none of you shiesty niggas they low down
Seen a few niggas get finessed for four pounds
White collar dollar reperations had to get some payback
Rich nigga tried to serve a nigga out a Maybach
Robbers laying on my home, i showed you where i layed at
Walking out the front door a nigga had to stay strapped
Gave a few niggas loans never got paid back
Never told a nigga no when they told me they need some
If you ain’t got loyalty then money don’t mean nothing
Right now I’m on a fast nigga can’t eat nothing
Fucked her 3 times lil mama just keep cumming
Started my career from weed money