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Richard Shekari – Love Has A Place To Stay Lyrics

I Helped this old lady cross the road the other day and uh, she didn’t say thank you.
She just looked me in the eye and said, “son, don’t do good and expect good in return! Just be good. Don’t love and expect love in return, just love.”
She said…

Together we’re much stronger
Hate only makes our heart colder
Love makes the night warmer
Hold my hand
We all need each other

The nights are cold and much darker
Another mother just lost her own
It’s been so long
Since he left home
She sensed something had gone wrong
Drowning in her tears
She called his name saying
Son, look what you’ve done to me
I’m all alone in this wicked world
Where love has no place to stay

Yeah, with tears in her eyes
Has no place to stay?
She said, love has no place to stay, uh!
She said love has no place to stay
Yeah! Love has no place to stay
She said, has no place to stay
Oh no! Love has no place to stay
She said love has no place to stay
That’s what she said,
Love has no place to stay

War drums rolling from the valleys
Women and children in tears
Where would you go
When they rise against you
Men who swore to protect you
Mass grave they leave when they pass by
Even the old they never spare
Children they kill
When they march by
How can love have a place to stay

*Bridge* + *Chorus X2*

Stay away from evil, son
Stay away from that which corrupt thy soul
Be a vessel of good
Be a medium of light in this ever dying world.
That’s what she said.
It was a good day; it was a good day.

Lyrics Added by Richard Shekari