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Ice Cube – Super OG (Intro) Lyrics

Super OG (Intro) Lyrics Ice Cube

Everything’s corrupt
Everything’s f----- up
Everything’s ’bout a buck, we s--- outta luck, yeah
Blood used to be thicker than water
Now it depends on what kinda water you talkin’ about
N-----’ll kill they momma over that almighty dollar
Yeah, you know me, Super O-G
Always down to take a knee

Ice Cube – Everythang’s Corrupt [Album 2018 Tracklist]

01. Super OG (Intro)
02. Arrest The President
03. Chase Down The Bully
04. Don’t Bring Me No Bag
05. Bad Dope
06. On Them Pills
07. Fire Water
08. Streets Shed Tears
09. Ain’t Got No Haters
10. Can You Dig It?
11. That New Funkadelic
12. One For The Money
13. Still In The Kitchen
14. Non Believers
15. Everythang’s Corrupt
16. Good Cop Bad Cop