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LP – Dreamcatcher Lyrics

Dreamcatcher LYRICS LP
I can see you waving
In the night alone
Slow winter
And I feel I might get
Left out in the cold

Ooh and I died today
A little inside
And I can see you waiting
For your chance to go

When we’re lying in our bed
We’re so in flight
Slow dancer
I been leanin’ on you
Trying to catch some light

Ooh baby take away
This nightmare that stays awake
And I fear we’re
In a maze of our design

I can see you
With your eyes so far away
No answer
From the mystical
To took back our yesterday

A feather of destiny
Finding its way to me
Like a willow
On the wind that cannot stay
That cannot stay
That cannot stay


LP – Heart To Mouth [Album 2018 TRACKLIST]

01. Dreamcatcher
02. When I’m Over You
03. One Night In The Sun
04. Girls Go Wild
05. Recovery
06. The Power
07. Dreamer
08. House On Fire
09. Hey Nice To Know Ya
10. Die For Your Love
11. Shaken
12. Special