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Token – Mail (Outro) Lyrics

Mail (Outro) LYRICS Token

[*Knocking at the door*]
[Mom:] Coming!
[*Opens door*]
[Mom:] Sorry to keep you waiting
[Mailman:] No problem miss
[Mom:] Thanks [*Closes door*] Ben? Ben!
[Token:] One second!
What’s up?
[Mom:] It’s here
[Token:] What’s here?
[Mom:] Look who it’s from
[Token:] Oh, wow
[Mom:] Well open it!
[Token:] Yeah let me get a knife
[*Opens up the package and takes out a letter*]
[Token:] So long
[Mom:] Oh you-you gotta tell your father
[Token:] Yeah I tell him today
[Mom:] Oh my god, Ben, why aren’t you excited? This is huge
[Token:] I know, I am excited, I-I don’t know, I guess I just thought it would feel different… you know
[Mom:] It’ll hit you at some point
[Token:] Yeah, no you’re right
[Mom:] Ben, I’m so proud of you
[Token:] Thank you mom…so am I supposed to sign here?

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