Tripping Along (Full Band Version) Lyrics The Decemberists

We were tripping tripping tripping tripping, tripping along
While you’re orbiting, might I?
While you’re orbiting, might I?
Lick you sticky sticky sticky sticky, sticky and sweet
They’re all turning a blind eye
They’re all turning a blind eye

But oh what I’d do just to lie with you die in your arms
What wouldn’t I give just to live with that sense of alarm?
But your relatives gathered all clamber about for your mind
And they’re tearing and swearing to leave you all naked and blind

So we keep a-ripping ripping ripping ripping, rips in the sheets
‘Till it’s all coming undone
‘Till it’s all coming undone
And we’re drippy drippy drippy drippy, what messes are we?
And I’m due for a line out
And I’m due for a light out

But just as I’m cusping on slumber and dumbing my eyes
What spin-twisting vision comes listing and gently alights?
And bothering toddles all over this beautiful light
This fickle young sister’s away in the dimming of night

La de da de da de da da da…

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