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Zolita – Truth Tea Lyrics

I heard you went away for the summer 
Met a boy named Lars and f----- him in his car 
I heard, I heard
I heard you met a 3 out of 10 called him Ben, took him home not once but twice
I heard, I heard

Ima sip sip sip on this truth tea 
You say you want me 
But who you with now 
So I sip sip sip on this truth tea 
You’re saying sorry 
But I’m better without

Ima sip sip ima sip sip ima sip sip 
sip on this truth tea 

I heard bout the many of times you were down for a ride, It don’t matter the guy 
I heard, I heard
I heard that you didn’t play safe, said you made a mistake, now your s--- ain’t okay
I heard, I heard

All the bullshit, and lies, you always in disguise, you just gay for the gram? Lemme go ask your man 
Baby why the long face, did he leave a bad taste? You let him take my place, here’s the bed that you made

Thanks for making it easy to leave 
I hope you get the help you need