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Lil Keed – It’s Up Freestyle Lyrics

It’s Up Freestyle Lyrics Lil Keed

Yeah, what ’bout them
Huh, yeah, what ’bout them
Ooh, yeah, what ’bout them
Oh lord, Jetson made another one
Keed talk to ’em

Walked in, walked in, this Bentley truck is crawlin’
Gucci sweatsuit, yeah, they thought I was joggin’
I’m just gettin’ these frontends, these backends, these racks in
N----, f--- your plug, heard he taxin’, we whack him
B----, I’m ballin’ out, I got bad b------ in my house, yeah
Yeah, that ho too lazy, I get in her mouth then I kick her out
Yeah, Chanel shoebox full of racks, no safe in the house
Yeah, these b------ see me bring these racks to the club, they fallin’ out
I’ma Milly Rock, yeah, with that Richard Mille
Yeah, these n----- envy, put racks on their head like beanies
[?] pack, but it was not rented
Yeah, these racks in my pants extra green like spinach
Ooh, ooh, in this ho mouth
Like she lost her tooth, with some Crips too
But I’m big Blood, blatt, blatt, shoot at his roof
YSL the gang, she said this chain, she tryna choke
B----, I’m with your ho, yeah, yeah, with your ho
Last night with your ho, the whole gang did your ho
Pass her back, bro, that’s so you aught to know
She heard he low, yeah, I’m jerkin’ in her throat
Huh, she know that these racks in
I remember back then, she was actin’, I don’t need no help with no backend
Glock with a d---, I ain’t wrestlin’, might go, Draco
A hundred shots, we ain’t wrestlin’, huh, yeah
I go put a backend up, I put my main ho up
Now that her best friend know, slime got a blicky, aye, yeah
Kick that ho right out this box, I put my power in there
Yeah, when they see me, know they red flaggin’, yeah
Back from my boy [?], chk, chk, yeah, go
And we just left LA, smokin’ exotic strands, yeah
Yeah, yeah, CC, cop ’em by the pairs
Yeah, yeah, just off Triller, I make a mil’
Yeah, yeah, double CC on the chairs
Yeah, yeah, havin’ Fear of God drip for real
Yeah, yeah, snake on the shirts, not no bears
Yeah, yeah, chopper hit him, hope he had a will
Yeah, yeah, Keed gon’ get these racks up early mornin’
Gettin’ in, yeah, I love these racks
Yeah, we smokin’ OG while I count these racks
Yeah, we smoked your OG ’cause he is a rat
Yeah, young handsome [?], no need for [?] Yeah, these hoes annoying, in the trap house, they blowin’ me
My way, boy, he be smokin’ s--- just like he more leaf
Opp n----, I ain’t runnin’, n----, try me, they gon’ charge me
You talkin’ ’bout I changed, nah, b----, you just borin’
She said, “Man, you changin’”, nah, nah, uh, uh

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