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Charli XCX – Pop the Balloons Lyrics

[Charli XCX]
Where you at?
Call your phone
Sitting here, all alone
Hand around a champagne glass
Guess I’m gonna get real trashed
People here turn me off
Picky boys, shut up
Tick-tock, ticking like I’m a time bomb
Houston, now we got a problem

[Charli XCX]
Whoa, whoa, wh-oa-oa
My head it goes round, round, round
I’m about to wile out, out, out
Oh, whoa, wh-oa-oa
Trigger pulling like pow, pow, pow
It’s about to roll down, down, down

[Charli XCX]
I wanna pop the balloons (HAH!)
B---- with a bad attitude (So what?)
Oh-oa-oa, Oh-oa-oa
I wanna pop the balloons (HAH!)
F--- everyone in the room (F--- you!)
Oh-oa-oa, It’s not a party, it’s not a party without you


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