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Big Shaq – Daily Duppy Lyrics

Daily Duppy Lyrics by Big Shaq

[Big Shaq]
Hold tight Max Branning, my brudda
Love to all my G’s
Aight, boom

[Big Shaq]
I counted like 3, 2, 1
Santa, are you dumb?
You just cussed my mum
Your jaw will get spun
Rudolph lefty run
Truss, he didn’t wan’t none
The reindeer had a gun
Somethings gonna get bun
Bunsen burner, yeah we light it
Pork on the table, I don’t bite it
It’s like bacon, give it to Jason
He’s a fakon
Fam he’s Asian
Talkin’ ’bout bumba, bumba, bumba, click
This brudda, what a neek
Yo Shafique, buss a turkey
He said I can’t, he’s doing Burberies
Whos in the room? Lemme see
Is that Asnee, cos it’s Dafnee, who has atnee
On her forhead
All this happening, on a moped
I turn left, I see Santa holding a panda
Drinking Fanta from Uganda
You think it’s banter?


[Big Shaq]
Ayy, lemme switch dis
You dun know
Ayy, Young Potassium, I see you
Carbon monoxide, you dun know the ting

[Big Shaq]
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Once I caught a fish alive
6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Then I let it go again, and again
And again, then that fish weren’t pen
I saw Kesha, I saw Ken
He was holding a skeng under his skirt
He called it kilt
Big man I don’t kill
Hold a man a drink
It was spilt
That was coconut milk
Manna go ching-ching-ching for the ching Ford
See your ex in Bedford
Hold tight man like Pickford
Duck man down in dat Ford (Ford-Ford-Ford)
I went Barking, couldn’t find parking
Kinda jarring
Had the .44 long like biscy
Four bed, I drink Nesquik
Yo, yo
Mans black, my hair is black
Tracksuit black, your girl is Zack
She’s got a back, your sisters clapped
What is that?
Round of applause, clap-clap-clap
Flex with a stack? it ain’t yours
Big man, put your life on pause
Stay in your lane, sit with Jane
Man got Twitter, drill insane
Bring the tissue, I need Andrex
High school prom
Your mum wears spandex
Where’s my ex? I don’t call her
Where’s my next? I don’t know her
It’s Christmas time, I wanna celebrate
Christmas time, I don’t wanna be late
Christmas time, I don’t wanna be rude
Christmas time, ayy wheres the food
It’s in, Ching-ching-ching for the ching Ford
Duck man down in a big Ford
Fly your girl like Concorde
One 43 on the dashboard (Board)

[Big Shaq]
You dun know
Big Shaq


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