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NEFFEX – Fight Back Lyrics

you’re never gonna make it
your not good enough
there’s a million other people with the same stuff
you really think your different 
man you must be kidding
think your gonna hit it 
but you just don’t get it
it’s impossible 
it’s not probable
your irresponsible
too many obstacles 
you gotta stop it yo
you gotta take it slow
you can’t be a pro
don’t waste your time no more

who the f--- are you
to tell me what to do
I don’t give a damn if you say you disapprove
I’m gonna make my move
I’m gonna make it soon
and I’ll do it cuz it’s what I want to f----- do

cuz all these opinions
and all these positions
they coming in millions
they’re blocking your vision
but no you can’t listen
that s--- is all fiction
cuz you hold the power as long as your driven
youre never gonna make it
there’s no way that you make it
yea maybe you can fake it
but your never gonna make it

are you just gonna take that?
make them take it all back
don’t tell me you believe that 
are you just gonna take that
or will you f------ fight back?
you ain’t gonna make it
you ain’t never ever gonna break it
you can never beat em man they’re better than you face it
thinkin that they give a damn your not thinking straight kid
no they give a damn you got what I’m saying 
I’m not f------ playing
I’ll give it to you straight man
there’s too many others and your not that great man 
stop what your saying
stop what your making
everybody here knows that your just faking

naa I don’t wanna hear it anymore
I don’t wanna hear it anymore
all these f----- thoughts they are not what I need anymore 
I’m about to shut the mother f------ door 
on all you poor a-- haters with your heads in the clouds
talkin out loud so proud 
you better shut your god damn mouths
before I do more than speak out
its about to head south