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Gary Kazazian – Lady Lay Lay Lyrics

Lady Lay Lay Lyrics by Gary Kazazian

Lady lay lady lay lay
Won’t you lie with me
And tell me all the stories you hide ‘neath your tree

Lady lay lady lay lay
Why’d you go your way
There’s a wolf out hunting for the girl in red, bloody jaw

Lady lay lady come back
To your patient heart
When hanging on my every word was your symptom of love

Lady lay lady we’re not sick
We’re just stuck to our roots
You burned like a candle when I hid your red dress in my drawer

You need someone free
What you thought I was, what I hoped I could be

Na na na na na we’re kids
It’s hide n seek
We hide from the beast till your flame goes out under the tree

Lady lay lay it’s Winter Park
The first time we ever met
When my coat was your armor and the sparrows sang of fragile hearts

You need to believe
In your roots, the mysteries of life
What you sleep and breathe

For years I called you my lady

My lady lay lady lay lay
Won’t you lie with me
Until all the sparrows come sing in our dreams


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