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Gary Kazazian – Sticks Lyrics

Sticks Lyrics by Gary Kazazian

The police came down from the woodshed
They found the man
Sprinkled with that switchblade rain
Bourbon river on a window pane
And if the dark’s got mirrors on you
Better look before his cloud comes through
We’ve been playing sticks out here since we were kids
Been running up and down that ridge

He tried to tend the field and set aside
Things that make you wanna stand and see the sky
Boy you’re gonna have to use your hands
I’ll make you learn, I’ll make you a man

I’ve been watching from over by the mill
Been grinding gears here year after year
Seen the hills cast curtains over Dixon Way
Seen him peak, seen him grin, let ’em in
And if your eyes burned burden into you
Hold that candle cause I’m coming too
Yeah you look a little bit like me
Got some sticks, got some stones, got a ring

I saw him change from time to time
Every moon his silhouette would look like mine
Man he had a way of putting you at ease
Wish I’d known him, Wish I knew him
When he wasn’t on his knees


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