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Layzie Bone – Let Me Go Migo Lyrics

Let Me Go Migo Lyrics by Layzie Bone (Migos x 21 Savage Diss)

[Layzie Bone]
Yeah (Layzie Bone)
Let us commence this game of hip hop chess
(Chess got checked)
And I assure you, I would act as a king (Right)
And take my throne (N----)
By all means
Let me at ’em, let me go
(Let me at ’em let me go migo)
And I’m willing to be that all kings
Will bet they crown on the fact
That they would never relinquish it
Let me at ’em, let me go
(Let me at ’em let me go migo)
Let me at ’em, let me go
(Let me at ’em let me go migo)
Let me at ’em, let me go
(Let me at ’em let me go migo)
Let me at ’em, let me go
(Let me at ’em let me go migo)
Let me at ’em, let me go
(Let me at ’em let me go migo)
Let me at ’em, let me go

[Layzie Bone]
You n----- as fly as flamingo
But never fly as far wings go
That’s why y’all can’t Takeoff (Take off)
They say Quavo is your boss (Your boss)
Offset, you just look lost (Look lost)
Get out the way and let me go (Yeah, let me go Migo)
Gimme that bike I’m Deebo, b----
I ain’t gonna tolerate zero s---
Gimme that mic I repo s---
N---- jump out that tree like some hero s---
Boy, y’all ain’t heard of due diligence
Ignorance bliss, jump up that militant
Best group in the world, you ain’t heard
Eternal, my n---- ain’t no equivalent
Woke up this morning right after the beef
I ain’t gon lie, I was thinking about peace
Thought for one second like “Boy, you a beast”
So f--- to you Migos like f--- the police
F--- everybody, I’m still in these streets
Ain’t no n---- gon take s--- from me
I done played the game, and I done earned my keep
You n----- won a couple years after and that’s history?
Not to me!

[Layzie Bone]
It doesn’t compare
It’s not even fair, how dare you, son?
You throw and retire, we still having fun
As long as I’m living, we second to none
Come come near the dum dum
You would [?] bum bum in the market
Better (Walk it like you talk it)
‘Cause Offset done made you a target (Pew pew)
You n---- wanna count my pocket, huh?
Nowadays, you the cream of the crop
It all could have stopped if you gave us props
Now watch out, I power my team to the top
Fly, never, not on my watch
This time on the clock, so shoot your best shoot
I drop a new record whenever you drop
And just for the records, I’m thugging like Pac
Hold up, this my Savage flow
This s--- feels too average tho (21)
This little n---- done lost his mind
Disrespecting my marriage, yo?
F--- my life, yo, f--- my wife
Right, little n---- your not damn tight
Like f---, what the f--- I’ma do about that?
Stay ready little n----, its on, I’m psyched
Don’t believe the hype
Put down the pipe
F--- a gun we can fight (Boom boom)
You say you ready you nice
Pay per view, damn, buy them rights
Sold to the highest bidder
Young n----, where’s your baby sitter?
Old n---- finna get buckin’, get with ya
Give it to you straight, no chase, no filter
F--- n----, better call me mister
I hit the ground running ’til my feet got blisters
Studied opponent and studied the scriptures
The Lord is my shepherd and He is my pillar
N---- I keep it as real as it get
Claiming the greatest, you gotta commit
Since y’all put out there I couldn’t resist
This flame in the burner and you lit the wick
Now who on who d---? My n----- the s---
My music can pay me so why would I switch
My career is the Matrix and yours is a glitch
I’m forty-four winning, so watch out lil b----
So what you got rich? Its best to be humble
You’re building a house out of sticks that can crumble
They gave you the ball, n---- you fumbled
Thought we fell off, we never stumble

[Layzie Bone]
2019 still ridin’ ’round getting it
2019 still ridin’, I’m getting it
2019 still ridin’, I’m getting it
Let me go migo, migo, migo, migo, migo
Don’t hold me back n----, let me go
Don’t hold me back n----, let me go
Don’t hold me back n----, let me go
Bum-ba-da, bum-ba-da, come, come again


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