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Boosie Badazz – Christmas List Lyrics

Christmas List Lyrics by Boosie Badazz

[Boosie Badazz:]
Playboy on the beat
What up, Lucci, n----?
We gon’ talk on this b---- about how we live for Christmas
What we gon’ get our little girls and s---
How we livin’, you know what I’m sayin’?
Straight up, n----
Ain’t nothin’ like bein’ able to take care of your people
Look out for m------------
Straight up

[YFN Lucci:]
Ohh-ohh-ohh, yeah
Two Christmas trees and they all flooded (All flooded), yeah
Told Frida Reed ain’t no more strugglin’ (No strugglin’)
At Christmastime we were teens, s--- was all ugly (All ugly)
At Christmastime 2018 then we all got ropes (Ropes)
Whole house loaded, plus the kids’ accounts loaded (They loaded)
Plus my brother got a kid, so that’s a blessin’ (Yeah, yeah)
Check game, with them, total spent ten on all the presents, hey
I don’t even know how we gon’ sneak in with all these presents (Hell nah)
I don’t even know where we gon’ begin, this s--- here hectic, yeah
And I pray this s--- don’t never end, this s--- a blessin’, yeah
I spent my whole life tryna get my mama everything (Thang)
Now my daughter, she want Jojo everything (Thang, uh)
And my son, he want PJ Masks (Yeah, hey)
Swooped that PJ with Masks (Yeah, hey)
Almost everything I wanted I had to take, hey (I had to take, hey)
And now y’all got your whole life made (Life made)

[Boosie Badazz:]
I just wanna be with my family for Christmas (Yay, yay)
We gon’ ball in Atlanta for Christmas (Yay, yay)
I’m gon’ get what they askin’ for Christmas (Of course, mayne)
My kids live lavish for Christmas, we all gang
Gang, gang, gang, gang, gang, b----, I bought another chain
Gang, gang, gang, gang, gang, holidays, we off the chain
Everybody same way, everybody gettin’ paid (Yeah)
Everybody gettin’ paid, everybody Christmas paid (Ayy)
N----, I’m gon’ get some more guns
Merry Christmas, I’m livin’ like a coke don
Smoke bomb, gon’ get fly, dope, the low done
If I die tonight, at least I had fun
Real n---- merry Christmas

[Rich Homie Quan:]
Christmas meant for me we couldn’t go to bed, homie (I couldn’t)
Only thing I wanted was a bike with the pegs on it (I didn’t get it)
We pour our egg nog on the ground for our dead homies (Rest in peace)
I’m lit like candlelight and I’m in that same bag Santa got (On God)
Might celebrate with Boosie, get it poppin’ (Poppin’)
I’m stuffin’ all kinda drugs in my Christmas stockin’ (Be quiet)
When I was broke my Christmas list was more like window shoppin’ (I swear)
But now I’m up, and yeah, I’m rich, n----
All my n----- stealin’ like The Grinch, n----
Santa better have my s---, n----, or we gon’ wrap him up like a gift n----
And I been eatin’ good lately, yep, cookies and milk, n----
Lucci, Boosie, we real n----- in the hood with a real Christmas
Rich Homie, baby


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