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Boosie Badazz – War Stories Lyrics

War Stories Lyrics by Boosie Badazz

Andre on the beat
You and I got war stories
Ride for you, n----?
We got war stories, me and you, man
Me and you, n----
You don’t wanna go there
Nah, nah
N----- don’t want no war
I’ll ride with you, I’ll die for you
I’ll be someone you really need
You don’t want no war
I’ll ride with you, I’ll die for you
Don’t f--- around, stop playin’

Introduce you to these war stories
War stories (War stories), war stories (War stories)
War stories (War stories), n----
I ride for you in them war stories
War stories (War stories), war stories (War stories)
Man, them war stories (War stories), busta

Caught me slippin’, s---, me and Kirb and we had to bang it out (Busta)
Thought I was hit, glass from the window all in my f-----’ mouth (Busta)
One month later, all out the window I had to air it out (Haa)
Had to show these n----- I’m ’bout what I be talkin’ ’bout
I was just sixteen, I kept a rod all the time
Beefin’ with the other side, at midnight, I let it fly (Cha)
All this war behind I, love that boy and I got ’em (Straight up)
I went and got them boys who got ’em, and they out their bottom
Same street lil G hit, I led, you ‘posed to follow
Instead of puttin’ you on game, s---, them n----- put you on powder
Be no tellin’ the ways them people on us every hour
Never sneak a real n----, you supposed to sneak a coward, n----

War stories (War stories), war stories (War stories)
War stories
I ride for you in them war stories
War stories, too many war stories
I ride for you

Sixteen I was a GI Joe for the G-I chain, rockin’ FUBU
Had a problem with banks, talkin’, “That lil’ n---- new-new”
Kinda crazy, ’cause my cousin front bangers, that n---- foo-foo
Now my cousin friend said our cousin could get the s---, too
Free Lil’ Mook and free my cousin Foo, they both on that river
They war stories ain’t got no filters, they some cold-blooded n-----
They say we wasn’t ‘posed to hit ’em, I say he shouldn’t have been with ’em
Say, “I don’t know, how you trippin’?”, say, “I ain’t gon’ stop ’til I get ’em”
Fred just got shot, heard his only thought was like, “I’m stuck in the middle”
‘Cause Paul is my f-----’ dog and Bobby, that’s my n----
Why he did it? He want attention, he’s a sucka-ducka
Couple years later, I caught a murder charge (For who?)
For my baby mama brother

War stories, war stories
War stories
I ride for you, we got war stories
War stories (War stories), too many war stories (War stories)
I ride for you
Alright, look, war

Remember, we got blunted, popped a bottle to that n----? (War)
Waited ’til he came home, played possum on that n---- (War)
Remember when we had them pineapples, but was scared to throw them b------? (War)
Do you remember when my main man turned to my main witness?
Damn, huh
War stories
Me and B got war stories
For real
N----, like that


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