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Act On Disputes – Soul pt. II Lyrics

Soul pt. II Lyrics by Act On Disputes

I wish to be set ablaze
By my past and all the mistakes that Ive made

Crucified beneath the surface of this shame
My only conqueror is myself

What will happen to me when Ill find
Something that fills this void

Will I lose my mind
Will I get through all of the pain
Will my demons finally get the fuck away from me

The noose swings high
I don’t want to see this light anymore

Days just go by
Its so fucking dark here

I am self loathing in arrogance
My skin is burning and my body is frail
I crumble again
No release from this pain

Theres no going back this time
this time I know I won’t be fine


Im loosing my sanity
As the days are passing by

I cant feel a thing
And Ive lost everything
And I’ve been digging hole for you to lay in

Yet my body feels dull
Forever this pain will consume my soul

Over and over again
I feel your bites
Serpents feeding off my flesh

What am I supposed to do when I’m just wasting away
I can’t take this any longer I’m just one step away

A man with the darkest secret,
I’m his shadow,
Reflect his hatred

Embodied by
Taker of hope
The giver of all pain

I detest
What flows inside my veins
And reigns supreme
Over the love that chains me