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No Zodiac – Black Mass Lyrics

(Feat. Andrew Hileman Of I Am)

The Black Mass
Morbid faith
inverted cross
Hellfire burns those from above

To be denied from the gates of heaven
The black mass in place is given
Engorged by sin when the bell tolls
Lord eat my flesh
And drink my blood

My infernal prince, set me free
The rivers run red. Bathe in blood.
Tormenting end. I wear the skin of Christ. The f------ fool.

I was denied from the gates of heaven
To the black mass my soul is given
Engorged by sin the bells have rung
We eat the flesh indulge in blood


Employ the stolen hopes
For diabolical ends
Running in circles
As they begin to chant
Fall to your knees
Return to ash
As they cry out

This is the black mass

As above so below


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