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Kalyptra – Starlings Lyrics

Starlings Lyrics

Swarm and behave
In murmurations
It’s killing me

The longer we go
Being alone
Breaking our wings
It’s trying me

Our attempts to stay together
It’s harder as we age
Yeah we do our best to weather
Storms that ride in


Why cant we be like starlings?
Connected all the time
Soaring one to another
They’re never on their own

Why can’t we stay together?
Moving side by side
No one wants to be lonely
United til we die

One direction
Stepping away
It’s killing me

What does it bring?
Safety in this
Sewing our wings
Just for me

Something inside us
That gravity pulling us close
How can you be fine with this?
Are you fine with this?
I’m constantly looking for gravity pulling
So why can we be like starlings?


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