Feet Lyrics

I cannot believe that
Could not believe our eye’s
The thing that i saw down there
Down between your thoughts
I can see it over And over again
Over and [?]
If i turned over, would you make it work
When you played in, when you dig the dirt
Can you come inside the list ’till that other round
Can you take me up there, can you take the him
Beat me for a promise, I praying i pray [?]
While a refugee is travels, underneath the [?]
Deep inside of man, I want to disarms
Deep inside of strangers [?]

Feet me
Now feet me now
Feet me
yeah feet me now

[?] the darkness
We assume the best
refuse every kindness
Strong and stress
[?] , so we would can hide
[?], there is passing on this pride
And when i look into the wind
When i see as other man

Feet (feet)



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