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Fat White Family – Feet Lyrics

Feet Lyrics

I could not believe it, could not believe my eyes
The thing that I saw down there, down between your thighs
I can see it over, and over again
Rover at dollar, holy broke the skin
If I turn it over, would you make it work
When you plug it in, will you dig the dirt
Can you count it sideways, to that other round
Can you take me up there, can you take the helm
Beat me for a promise, I pray and I pray vows
My refugee is throbbing, underneath the sound
Deep inside a man, all loyal to his alms
Deep inside a stranger, necessitive sounds

Don’t fail me now
Don’t fail me now

Doll hanging in the darkness, we assume the best
Refuse every kindness, swallowing distress
The baby beats his chest, so that he can hide
That song increases piss, that he’s passing on his pride
When I look at women, what I see is other men
Fold ’em just like cattle, fold ’em like Sean Penn
The sea washed off my features, with perfect nonchalance
With nothing to diminish, and nothing to enhance
Geegee heady tears, and a boy out of dirt
This one’s on a crusade, this one’s stuck at work
I hope the children wash up, below on my shore
Caucasians see me, in a sand storm

Feet (Feet)
Don’t fail me now
Feet (Yeah)
Don’t fail me now


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  1. The only explanation for why these lyrics are so bad is that a bot tried to pick them up. Or a straight man.