You Needed Love, I Needed You Lyrics

[Angelo De Augustine]
I don’t have a car
To drive around in
I just have a heart
That I walk about In
I walk around

[Angelo De Augustine]
If I could I’d buy
You a house in laurel canyon
Underneath the moon above
In the shade of the mountain
I walk around

[Angelo De Augustine]
Life’s been hard and you’ve lived a few
Did I give too much love to you
I’m sorry but it’s what I had to do
You needed love
I needed you

[Angelo De Augustine]
Back in my hometown
Looking for a silver Honda
But there’s too many all around
And I fear I’ll never find you

[Angelo De Augustine]
Hoping that one day
I’ll see you driving up my street again
On your grandpa’s bicycle
With your long hair blowing in the wind
And we’ll walk around



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