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Another Day’s Armor – Won’t Stop Me Lyrics

Won’t Stop Me Lyrics

You wanna take this road now
Be ready for the war
No way I’m gonna slow down
Rip me up and leave me torn
So as I fall to pieces
My life seems so deceiving
Can’t always find a reason
Won’t take this shit anymore

One more night then I have to go
Can’t take it
I’ll break it
Now you think you will have control
Over me
Take me out but I know my role
I’m broken
But focused
Throw me in just another hole
Won’t stop me

They Won’t stop me

Applying all the pressure
It feels like my last breath
But you don’t have the answer
Driving till there’s nothings left
So now there is no turning
You found the Phoenix burning
One step and you’ll be learning
I’ll kick down this final door

Won’t stop me
Won’t stop me

Take every single thought
Take every single lie
You think that you have caught
Give up and don’t even try
To keep me in this bottle
I’ll break to see tomorrow
This strength you try to borrow
You will never take away from me

Won’t stop me
No they won’t
Won’t stop me
Won’t stop me
Won’t stop me