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Corey – Corey’s Intro Lyrics

Corey’s Intro Lyrics by Corey

Members Only. Mad it’s been a whole four months without you. I’ve been in the worst pain in my life. It’s been so crazy, some-, sometimes I forget how to eat, or sleep, how to even function right. I miss, it’s so weird not calling you everyday, making sure you’re okay. Sometimes we’d talk for hours, sometimes we’d talk for minutes, talk about all types of things. Sometimes we’d joke around, sometimes talk about deep conversations. To being at your house every weekend for six months straight playing League with Illie, Rico, and Leo, to being on ice and will, to riding out on, on the road, and just talking about life and have so many ideas just bouncin’ back to each other. Listening to the new, listening to the albums, to the music. You taught me so much these last few years. You taught me how to be a man, how to assert control. Taught me how, how to deal with certain things didn’t need to be dealt with, how to block out the negativity, all that energy I didn’t need. I could go on and on for all, for all the memories we had, but damn. Think I’ve shared so much, it’s like every time we got off the phone, the last time, the last time we talked, the last thing you said was, “I love you.” I love you, Jah. Thank you for everything


XXXTENTACION Presents: Members Only, Vol. 4 (Album 2019)

01. Corey’s Intro
02. Nothing
03. Sauce! (MOV4)
04. Gassed Up!
05. Plottin’
06. Pick Your Poison
07. Fall in Love in Death
08. Love Hard, Fall Fast
09. Now or Never
10. Cold Weather
11. Touch Eem Body
12. Jahseh on My Wrist
13. He Diddy!
14. You Are Not M.O.
15. Make ‘Eem Run!
16. Proud Puppy Lover!
17. Woah (Freestyle)
18. Members Only!
19. Radar
20. Hi Wendy!
21. Over the Rainbow
22. Red Pills (Love in the Matrix)
23. Empty
24. Rebirth (2016)