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XXXtentacion – Make ‘Eem Run! Lyrics

Make ‘Eem Run! Lyrics by Bass Santana, XXXtentacion & $ki Mask “The $lump God”

To Bass be the glory
Ok, am I smoking out? Aye, aye, huh!

I’m so gassed up (Uh), I’m so gassed up (Uh)
I’m so gassed up (Uh), so gassed up
I’m so gassed up (Uh), so gassed up
I’m so gassed up (Uh, okay), gassed up

One take, Timmy (One take)
I hit with no jimmy (I hit with no jimmy)
They don’t feel me
Whipped my dick out, she like, “Give me” (She like, “Give me”)
Burnt rubber, fat motherfucker
Niggas hating, boy, you lame
Pillow talking, undercover (Undercover)
If you could take my bitch, then I can’t love her (Oh no)
Peanut butter, chocolate cover, I can’t trust her (I can’t trust her)
Google me, I’m something, came from nothing (Okay)
I’m so gassed up, told my lil’ bih call when she comin’

She so gassed up
She give top with mask off
Foam on my dick like bath salt
She at my show, that’s your own fault
Six shows at the back of the tour bus
We at the top of the food chain
Kickin’ shit you can call me Liu Kang
VVS white on my new chain
Runnin’ up to the bed like Usain
She don’t wanna know ’bout the group name
All about the bad for the damn fame
You broke, that’s a fact; that’s a damn shame
I’m so gassed up, I can’t do nothin’ about it
If you passed up, don’t hit my phone or talk about it, okay

I’m so gassed up (Uh), I’m so gassed up (Uh)
I’m so gassed up (Uh), so gassed up (Uh)
I’m so gassed up (Uh), so gassed up
I’m so gassed up (Uh, okay), gassed up

Yeah, I’m so gassed up, gassed up, gassed up (Gas)
Please don’t hit me up if you ain’t tryna match, bruh (What?)
Ed Edd Eddy kush, smokin’ on a jawbreakers, yeah (Ooh)
Fuck the police, bitch, I’m a lawbreaker, yeah
Always smokin’ five like I’m always shootin’ nines
Money on my mind, so I can’t waste time (What?)
Hit the door, foamin’ out my mouth, I ate your soul (Uh), ooh
Wu-Tang ho, fuck it, I’ma blow me down to ohh

[Bass Santana]
I can’t hit your shit, ain’t no grabber in your paper, uh-uh
I need me a splitfinch, I ain’t smokin’ no vapor, uh-uh
If it ain’t ’bout pads, keep your two sets (Two sets)
Drop top the coupe, make the roof split (Make the roof split)
I’m your noisy neighbor, yuh
My dog got off papers, yuh
I just got ’em faded, yuh
Off different flavors, bitch
Baby mama’s blazin’ ya
Put your bitch in labor, yuh
KiD TRUNKS, that’s my Asian, yuh


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