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XXXtentacion – Rebirth (2016) Lyrics

Rebirth (2016) Lyrics by XXXtentacion & killstation

Pay attention to what you’re doing in your life ‘cause your life is right in front of you, everything you need is right in front of you. Even if you’re broke, even if you’re broke, dead broke, it’s because it’s supposed to be like that and everything – the people who struggle the most or get it the hardest will succeed in the end, I promise you. You will not have the hardest life forever. 
Everything will come to you, what you deserve will come to you. And if I end up getting shot and killed for what the fuck I’m doing, or if I end up getting my ass beat at some point in time, or, or, nigga, if shit get hard on me, it’s because I deserve it. That’s point-blank-period. Everybody will get a death that’s – everybody will get a death that is deserving, everybody will get a life that is deserving, everybody – you will get what you fucking deserve. Karma, point-blank-period.



XXXTENTACION Presents: Members Only, Vol. 4 (Album 2019)

01. Corey’s Intro
02. Nothing
03. Sauce! (MOV4)
04. Gassed Up!
05. Plottin’
06. Pick Your Poison
07. Fall in Love in Death
08. Love Hard, Fall Fast
09. Now or Never
10. Cold Weather
11. Touch Eem Body
12. Jahseh on My Wrist
13. He Diddy!
14. You Are Not M.O.
15. Make ‘Eem Run!
16. Proud Puppy Lover!
17. Woah (Freestyle)
18. Members Only!
19. Radar
20. Hi Wendy!
21. Over the Rainbow
22. Red Pills (Love in the Matrix)
23. Empty
24. Rebirth (2016)