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Sad Frosty & Soulja Boy – Sadsouljafrosty Lyrics

Sadsouljafrosty Lyrics by Sad Frosty & Soulja Boy

[ Sad Frosty]
Huh, what?
Soulja Boy, Frosty, like what?
Soulja Boy, Frosty, like what? Aye
Aye, yuh
Huh, (yuh), yuh

[Sad Frosty]
Before I had fame, bitch, I had a bag
I pull in the Tesla, I’m doin’ the dash
These bitches, they hit me, they just want to fuck
I need a house with a pool in the front
Lil’ thottie, she on me, she eating for lunch
My diamonds, they shine and it’s brighter than the sun
Hundred K cash, got that in ones
I eat on her ass just for fun
Yuh, aye, ridin’ around in the coupe
[?] just like the roof
Assist on your girl, like a alley oop
Can’t waste no time cause I’m chasin’ the loot
Huh, yuh, still hit that hoe from the back
Extended the verse, you know I’ma tax
Lil’ Frosty, they know me, I’m blowing up fast
I took your main bitch and I fucked in the ass

[Soulja Boy]
I took your main bitch now I skrt
Run up on Draco, you know that your body is dirt
Skrt, I whip my wrist in the paint [?]
Run up on me, now get hit with the strap
I just got high-tech and wokhart, I’m sippin’ on act
Got a bad bitch and you know that I hit from the back
A million dollar cash and not one in my stack
Run up on gang and a pussy ass nigga get whacked
I just went platinum, where the fuck is my plaque?
I got what you need nigga, come to my trap
I jump in the foreign, that shit go fast
Me and Sad Frosty, we serving that gas
My bitch is a deviant, know that she boujee and bad
Fucked on the bed and know that she got a thick ass
I am Young Draco, I shoot with [?]

[Sad Frosty]
Shoot with [?], so I bust in her face
[?], then I buy me a wraith
How many hoes? I got about eight
[?], I’m hit, then I skate
I bought that lil’ bitch a Honda
Kicked her out, then I fucked on her momma
Black bitches, don’t got time for the drama
I rich as hell, still rockin’ pajamas, huh

[Soulja Boy]
Yuh, I walk in the club then Superman
Run in my [?] and I look like the man
I met your girl and she act like a fan
I made a hundred thousand in Japan
Young Draco, nigga, I play with the pots and the pans
On YouTube while runnin’ up bands
Servin’ that adderall, percocet, and I got xans
Run up on me and I’ll knock out your man
Stacks On Deck Money Gang, racks in my hand
Fuck on your bitch, she doin’ handstands
I am Young Draco, I do this shit just ’cause I can
I’ma go cop a beamer, skrt that shit to the trap
Young Draco, I put this shit on the map
Run up on gang, you know you get clapped
She suck on my dick then I hit from the back
Ooh, I’m doin’ ’em dirty
Jump in the demon then niggas stop swerving
Pull up and shoot, like I’m Kyrie Irving
Junkies in my front, don’t know that I serve ’em
Pussy ass nigga, belong in a [?]
Call up my trap and I’m servin’ that red and the purple
In the trap, whippin’ my wrists in a circle
Make a wrong move and my niggas gon’ murk you

[Soulja Boy]

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