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Summer Walker – Riot Lyrics

Riot Lyrics by Summer Walker

[Summer Walker]
You say you want love, babe
You say you can give it to me just how I need
And you think of roses and daisies
And I think of passion and fighting like Hades
You say all the time, peace and quiet
But for my love, I need a riot, a riot
I hope you’ll capture my drift
I said, I need a riot
I don’t want no sinking ship
But I need

[Summer Walker]
Better that the typical
Honey I’m always here
But we’re here for making love
But you’re tired of this
Said that you’ll be waking me
For the third time this week
But your love go astray
‘Cause our love’s too routine
Too routine
Love’s too routine
Love’s too routine
Too routine

Summer Walker Lyrics


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