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Tinashe – Out Tonight Lyrics

Out Tonight Lyrics by Tinashe

What’s the time?
We is Gonna be close to midnight
Nobody’s talking misses time to danger
He says i wanna commit a crime
Wanna be the cuz of a fights
I want put on that [?]

I’ve had nothin’ from way back
A breaking the role once I learn a game
Get up, light’s to quit
I Know some place sick
With this tickle dance in my plans

You don’t need any money
I am [?] getting for free
You can get into, if you getting with me
Let’s go out tonight
Let’s go out tonight

You wanna play less Infront of everyone
Get back [?] for it’s Christmas day
Take me out tonight

When [?] a way from the doorman
Do you know how like do you be
Let’s go out tonight
Let’s go out tonight

You wanna proud be my night out
Just take my hand we’re gonna out tonight

In the evening
I’ve got to [?]
Can i sleep with my [?] neon an [?]
Feel [?] like home
With Spanish baby’s cry
So let’s find the bar
So dark we forget who we are
We’re all the scars of the nevers and maybe [?]
Let’s go out tonight

Your sweet wanna hit the street
Wanna [?]
Just take me out tonight
Please take me out tonight
Don’t forsake me out tonight
I let you make me out tonight, tonight, tonight