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Famous Dex – My Life Crazy Lyrics

My Life Crazy Lyrics by Famous Dex

I swear you don’t know me
I swear you don’t know me (I swear you don’t know me )
Don’t know what the fuck I’ve been through
I’ve been through hell in back me (you know what I’m saying?)
I wake up everyday cracked, i ain’t got motherfucking moments you know
You know how that shit feel (shit hurt well)
And everybody thinkin’ now how shit feel (you know what I’m sayin’)
So everyday i get up, i put my [?] motherfucking music shit [?] (that was great huh)
I lost my mumble accounts [?] swear to God to give me answer heh
Gid gave me the answers huh
Told that she better step [?]
[?] how to stoppin’ with man [?]
How to stop with the man in the house
You know what is about
what did that she like a mouse
He a family (you what I’m saying)
And I do it this, i got, i, i got to sacrafice
Also [,,?,,] fucking say but
I got to sacrafice motherfucker like every fucking life my family lost
You gon’ hate me [?] do every fuck you want do want
You can’t tell me about me, someone is there
Now i think i might saw, i think i might [?] i like wanna to meet you
‘Cause all [?]

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