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KEY! – When X Died Lyrics

When X Died Lyrics by KEY!

yo, ay

Miss mass my drug like i miss mass my clothes
Miss place my bitch had to switch up my house
Ay,  Love [?] in the end
Nothing really matters 1942 all of my [?]
I’m really kind of floatin’
I’m here all the [?]
Yo, ay
Got yo bitch [?], running back [?]
Ay we going up likes there’s, like there’s
Up to God and clears, Out there’s
I flip the money yeah, like where is the fair
I’ll show my boy some love, till i got no more air


God is too billionaire
I don’t even care (kanye)
Keep praying to God, and be here in the [?]
I’m fucking your bar, and sucking up up in there
I’m playing the game, Jesus Shuttleworth, ay
Making a gameplan, I’m in a huddle first
Okay, What did you say?
Man you niggas are trouble
Okay, Keeps taking back
Man you gotta reburn
Moped is little buzzard, [?]
Your living best life
Okay, your living best life
Your talkin’ the shit [?]


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