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Yelawolf – Billy Goat Freestyle Lyrics

Billy Goat Freestyle Lyrics by Yelawolf

Catfish Billy Goat
Really though… (Haha)

I must… I must be a f------ goat
The way this chain is hanging off my throat
Warming up my vo-cals
Need somewhere to hang my coat y’all
Ray-Bans on my face, b---- I ain’t looking at you, ho
But my guess is she would exit this s--- with me, no, I know, yes I know
But f--- that s---! So pardon my French and English too
But f--- that also, cos I wanna hollow out my cuss words out on you
Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Pootie Tang
Taking you over to the studio and do my thang
I am dope, jump on this track like Kangaroo Jack
Aboriginal boomerang, I am dope
Left, right, left, right, soldier step right up
I’m airtight, f--- your stair flight
I’m prepared like, I’m not scared like f--- your hairline up!
Barber school, see I got haters by the carpool
They say I changed, that’s because I got a jar full
You primates, monkey a--, white boys lyin’ fake
Oh you a hip hop head? B----, your first record was Kanye
You just on a blind date
You get dumped with the rest of ’em
When this current trend is over with–
I’ll still be on my way
Yeah, that laughable trend’s like detachable friends
Them f------ show up to party
But when that party does end, they Gone with the Wind
So I hope that song that you spin makes you enough bread to retire
Better watch what you spent
Anyway, that s--- is dead like any day
All I’m saying is regenerate and penny save
If you swag surfing then certainly you’ll ride any wave
And you’re already dead, homie, so pick any grave
I pledge allegiance to the Slumerican flag
Ten stars for every letter
Lighting bolts to lead the path
For the slums I represent
From the laundromats of cash, from growing dope illegally
Break the law and get the bag
Yeah, and take the saw and cut the slabs
You build your house with straw and mud
That when it rains your roof will sag
Dag, take the crawl before you run, that pace right there will win the race
So run the laps and not the drag
But what do I know, Fido?
If you’re a dog, I’m a dog
We’re just two frogs on a log singing in the moonlight till the DJ hits pause
Or my body pit falls
From the whisky sip, then I’m empty and tall
Till the ink pen don’t draw
Put until then, friend, I’m gonna need another pen, dawg
Cos I’m a highly orchestrated life aboard the Earth
I’m guided by the light, the light is inside the word
The brightest candle with the thickest wick
Melanin is irrelevant‬
I hear the kick, hat, snare, that there hits my soul, bro
That’s why I go hard on beats and also get down with dough bros
What the f---, I’m too hard for lumberyards
I’m too sick for cancer sticks
Built that bridge to come across
A ghett-o philanthropist
Hustle hand over fist
A pro-phylactic, no chauvinist
Oh Jay no, f--- I’m smooth as s--- (polished!)
And don’t shoulder nits
Never made it to college…
But I made it to Shady!
Gave myself no other options
“Yela, you’re dreaming, ya crazy!”
I saw the gap in the options
The South is an orphan and lazy
Nobody wanted to father it
So I made it my baby!
Your rockabye the Rock and try and mash it all up
And who the f--- am I!?
Didn’t reinvent the wheel
I just threw spokes up under that Monster truck and rideeeeee
Sorry about the oil stains that I left on the road
If you slip and fall on the s--- I talk, then I guess you’re the run of the joke… (run of the joke)

Don’t get lost in the timing
If the water’s still then let it be… still
In this world when the lightning
What you build ain’t always exciting
It maybe is until they see and feel
In this world when the lightning
You’ve got to earn your invite…
Trunk Muzik III

Yelawolf Lyrics