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Mercury Rev – Jesseye’ Lisabeth Lyrics

Jesseye’ Lisabeth Lyrics by Mercury Rev

Pray tell, Jesseye ‘Lizabeth
Tell me why you’re weeping
Pray tell, Jesseye ‘Lizabeth
When you should be sleeping
What secret are you keeping?
Jesseye ‘Lizabeth, pray tell

What could cause such bitter tears?
What lesson has life taught you?
Hear me sweet and precious one
Look what I’ve brought you
Here’s a star I caught you
For my lady fair star

Pray tell, Jesseye ‘Lizabeth
What can I do for you?
Pray tell, Jesseye ‘Lizabeth
Fair maiden I employ you
Oh how I adore you
Your humble servant I remain

Pray tell, Jesseye ‘Lizabeth
Oh have I have missed you
Now you must dry your pretty eyes
I’m here to assist you
Come let Mama kiss you
Twelve o’clock and all is well

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