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Des Rocs – Dead Ringer Lyrics

Dead Ringer Lyrics By Des Rocs

Hold my cigarette while it’s lit, and let it burn ya baby
Oh dead ringer you’re so sick, but you look amazing

All these voices in the night
Come like a cool summer rain
Know they hangin for a while
So I let em stay, stay stay

Oh all these faces in the night
Lookin like the television saints
With their names in big bright lights
All they do is, take, take, take

Oh lady, I got my hand on the trigger and it’s pointed at the dead ringer

Oh my reflection’s from a time
When all the worst was a game
Nothing like the shake of life
Stuck up in a race, race, race

Hell caught a shadow of a guy
Can’t find him one little break
See there’s a gap in his smile
For fitting all his pain, pain, pain

Yea, yea, did you think that he could hurt you?
Yea yea, the dead ringer never meant to

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