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Jay Fāz – Waiting Lyrics

Waiting Lyrics By Jay Fāz
ft. Phase

it’s one of those days where you realize nothing fycking matters
One of those days where you feel like driving off a bridge

Tell me why i’m waiting, got these dreams i’m chasing
Don’t want tolive in the basement
So i’ll get up off the pavement, life is constantly changing
I’m over here ageing, i pray to God that i make it
Don’t really care to be famous, just don’t want to benameless
Working hard to change this, but it’s hard to get chainless
I wish i was painless
I’m chronically aching, constantly baking, these demons i’m shaking
Taking my time being patient
I’m a doctor on vacation, tired of my hesitation
Facing these fears that i’m making
Stay true to what i’m creating
I know that you’re hating, and no i’m not faking

Yeah, look, chasing dreams, you’re gonna have family, friends
Tell you what you can’t do it
But just keep working, believe in yourself
You arecapable of anything, just don’t give up on you

This is my mission, no i’m not missing
hitting every shot like it’s swishing
Drawing eyes to my name, likei was meant for game
Tp answer your question, no i won’t change
Just expanding my brain, so forget all these lames
Usedto call me out my name, now you want to join me on stage
I escaped from my cage, Spread my wings and fly away, to outer space
The stars are bright so watch me shine
Not worried about time, got hands, but can’t fight
So why would i let it control my life, live it a day at a time
Tired of living so blind, so I’ll open my eyes
Look up to the skies, now i’m stargazing
I know i’m amazing i’m tired of waiting
But i’ll still be patient
Want to give you motivation like in a situation, ’cause i know about relation
Family and friends always changing, tired of the snaking
I’m about to start slaying, there’s no mistaking
I’m stating my presence
I’m a spirit from heaven, that’s my expression
This will be my profession
Showing my aggression ’cause i am the bull
This is my rodeo, i ain’t getting fooled
tying my shoes, i ain’t falling
Nor will i lose, giving you clues
Not singing no blues
Smoking my juul just keeping my cool
I am that dude, we are the same
So is the dream, that’s why we’re a team
And this is my theme, just keep it a bean
I’ll see you in the next scene

Jay Fāz Lyrics