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Juice WRLD – Out My Way Lyrics

Out My Way Lyrics By Juice WRLD

New n---- on the block
Yeah I got my Glocky
Like I been locked up
Arms kinda stocky
Wrists on rocky
Wish a n----’d try to stop me
Usain Bolt with the glizzy, it’s a track meet
Make ’em Takeoff like Migos
In the kitchen, whippin’ up the bricks, servin’ kilos
If I gotta get in your door, I pick the key, tho
Full of s--- b------, boy, these hoes like a-hole
Every day I wake up thinkin’ ’bout the pesos
Gettin’ bankrolls, sayin’ “R.I.P. the bank loan”
Keep the dank rolled
Codeine in the double-cup, I’m sippin’, ay
Stevie Wonder, it’s gon’ take away my vision, ay
007 with that Glock, I got precision, ay
You be talkin’ ’bout this s--- when I been did it, ay

Free my n----- in that jam
I don’t give a s--- and I don’t give a Hoover Dam
Last b----, she said I wasn’t s---
She wanna let me cram
Hit her from the back, oh, yes, I am
Chopper make your brains turn to eggs, Sam-I-Am
I had a feelin’ they was gon’ switch up,
Two pints of Wockhardt, sealed up, in my hand
Clean n----, but I’m sippin’ till I do the muddy dance
A broke n----, I got rich and now I do the money dance
Feel like Hugh Hefner, these b------ finna do the bunny dance
On a dig for a trick, then after that she f--- a friend
I ain’t gon’ trick off no b----
I don’t pay, I just get in
I ain’t really usually wanna be talkin’ ’bout s---
But I think I’m finna talk my s--- one time for the one time
Two times, maybe a few times
Ruinin’ careers, man, this s--- easy
What my n---- Davis say “This s--- beyond me”

Yo, okay, I’m back in
Gettin’ it crackin’ with your broad
After she helped me get my rocks off, she f----- the squad
They think I’m a b---- because they heard the sad songs, that’s a facade
I’m one of them n----- that’ll have an atheist screamin’ out to God
And I don’t want no problems really
I’m just tryna get my sack up
But if there’s a problem, bruh gon come and shoot you from the neck up
That b---- a lil giraffe, the way she bend over and neck us
Got killa TECs, the silver and black Berettas
If they disrespect us

Way, way, way, way, way, way
Out my way, way, way, way
Way, way, way, way, way, way
Out my way, way, way, way

Yeah, way, way, way, way, way, way
Out my way, way, way, way
Way, way, way, way, way, way
The f--- out my way, way, c’mon

Juice WRLD Lyrics